Slatgrid Fixtures

Slatgrid display panels offer the versatility of being able to use either slatwall or gridwall fixture accessories for visual merchandising in retail stores or trade show displays easily moved and transported. Available in lengths of 4' - 5" - 6' - 7' or 8' in Chrome, Black or White. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Slatgrid accessories may be attached to Slatgrid Display Panels, which are also sometimes referred to as Slatgrid wire panels. It is compatible with slatgrid accessories that are designed to suit 3" on centre slatgrid panels thanks to the 3" on center square design with double wires. Slatgrid panels are often used to create free-standing or wall-mounted slatgrid displays. Combining Retail Depot's Slatgrid Panel with one of our various slatgrid bases will allow you to construct a free-standing slatgrid display at a very cheap cost. Combine the slatgrid panel with wall mounting brackets and one of our many alternative slatgrid attachments to create a wall-mounted slatgrid display.


It is one of our most adaptable display models


One of our most adaptable retail display lines is our selection of Slatgrid Wire Panels. Because they may be used with both slatgrid accessories, slatgrid displays have the benefit of being very versatile and adaptable in retail shop settings. To assist you advertise your brand, all of our slatgrid fixtures can accept header and side signage.


Our slatgrid retail display units are perfect for displaying a variety of goods, including hanging things, items that rest on shelves, and goods that are shown in baskets. They are suitable for a variety of retail settings, including convenience stores, grocery stores, garment stores, specialty stores, gift shops, sports goods stores, and mass market retailers, in addition to the wide range of products they may show.


Our panels provide versatility for pop-up displays


Slatgrid Wire Panels are used by retailer merchants and trade show exhibitors to display a variety of goods, from boutique baby products and garments to commodities like dive gear and leather goods. Retailers may effectively showcase their items for maximum impact and increase sales by making greater use of available space by investing in a slatgrid display system.


Slatgrid Display Panels are ideal for windows and smaller spaces


These displays are the preferable option in shops that must use every square inch of the space for exhibiting items and smaller booth spaces since they have a smaller footprint within the store and on the trade show floor.


Our panels are made with surfaces to match any current interior design and colors of the retail business and are offered in a wide range of standard colour choices.


Organization is essential


Maintaining a clean, orderly business is made possible by using slatgrid display panels to exhibit clothing and other merchandise. Customers often remove clothing or other items from racks or hangers, unfold them, and then when they are finished viewing the items, place them back as neatly as possible with other types of display options.


Slatgrid Display Panels for remodeling and renovation


Alternatives to panels are ideal for remodeling existing retail businesses or opening new ones. Our display panels may contain apparel and other items, as well as anything else the business owner wants to put on a show when they are placed up in the store.


Retail Depot's displays are orderly, allowing you to maximize your area and display more goods. They may be moved about the shop or rearranged from trade show to trade show thanks to their exceptional flexibility and ability to be tweaked and altered using shelving hooks and rods.


It is simple to modify


Our Slatgrid Wire Panel's simplicity of customization is one of the reasons why store owners like it over other hanging wall display options. You can exhibit goods or other displays by hanging them from hooks, but you can also add signage, baskets, shelves, and other slatgrid accessories to make your product wall more aesthetically beautiful and to show a variety of goods on a single slatgrid fixture.


Most retail establishments provide a wide variety of goods, so as the owner, you'll want to exhibit as many of them as you can to increase sales and keep your clientele engaged. The slatgrid is the tool you need to optimize product presentation while allowing you the flexibility to alter or adapt your displays as you see appropriate. slatgrid panels make it simple and even fun to use the space on your store wall and standing fixture.


Slatgrid merchandising supplies at one place


There are numerous aspects to take into account while designing the ideal retail space; shop size, business location, exhibit organization, lighting, and music are just a few of the crucial components for the owner or manager to choose. However, one of the most important aspects of maximizing your retail space is making an effort to maximize every space you have, even the walls and open floor spaces that are not occupied by heavy fixtures or furniture. This fixture is one of the most often used types of wall and floor displays for retail and other enterprises. These are the metal grids that can be mounted or hung anyplace you want to showcase merchandise. It is available in a range of sizes. In order to hang their items, shop owners often affix hooks to their slatgrid panels. The hooks may then be moved around as needed to change the displays.


Selecting Lightweight Slatgrid Panel Options - Retail Depot


You and your team will like how simple these displays are to use, especially the lightweight, ground-breaking display system. You'll not only appreciate how simple our panels are to erect—two women can do it in under an hour and need almost no tools—but you'll also save money in a variety of ways. Retail Depot's Slatgrid Panels assist you in saving space and modifying your display to fit changing demands, including reducing labor costs, material handling, and shipping costs, as well as optimizing your merchandising area to increase sales. They make it simpler than ever to erect temporary retail displays, pop-up shops, and DIY trade show exhibits!


The main determining element in which one to choose is your demands; if you want a temporary display panel that you can move and carry easily, use a grid wall. It is the better option if you need a permanent store display, however. For the finest slatgrid wire panels or accessories, get in touch with us.