Glass Showcase Cabinets

Retail carry a full line of quality-built glass showcase display cabinets in wood, aluminum and frameless tempered glass for merchandising retail store products of almost any description. We carry a wide range of customer service checkout counter systems, jewelry showcases with storage, museum glass tower showcases. Locks and lighting are available as options for most if not all showcases. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Glass Showcase Display Cabinet

The All Impressive Glass Showcase Cabinets Used in Retail Outlets of Canada

Glass Showcase Cabinet is built for the display of items to customers visiting a store. These showcases are made of aluminum, wood and frameless tempered glass. They are used to merchandise retail store products of varied descriptions. There are many types of counter systems available for visitors to buy items of their choice. These cabinets are kept well lighted and are secured with locks.


As these cabinets come in different shapes, so orders are placed based on the suitability of a store. These are rectangular, circular and square-shaped displays that are meant to help customers see items displayed in them. Stores find the display very helpful to see sales happening.On a regular basis, items can be placed in the cabinets for customers to see and buy instantly.


Shelved Cabinet

Glass Showcase Cabinets are of different types that can have 2 shelves, 3 shelves or 4 shelves. These are either aluminum showcases, stainless steel cases, cases made of marble, and so on.They are designed interestingly which makes placing items in them easy. So, now just open and place items in the glass cabinets.There is nothing better than using glass cabinets in daily store operations.


Well-lit Glass Showcases

Inside every glass cabinets, lights are installed and each of these lights adds much significance to items that are placed inside.As the inside of the glass cabinet glows,so cakes, pastries, and other eatables find a lot of significance as they are highlighted. Even in case of other forms of inventory like jewelry, groceries, cosmetics, and other products, they are also highlighted with the lights lit inside the cabins.



Some of these showcases are also refrigerated so that any eatables placed inside do not rot. In-case of ice-creams, refrigeration does not allow ice-creams to thaw.Eatables are kept safe from weather, flies, and germs with intense refrigeration. Store operators can stay confident about their products put on display.


Easily washable

In Canada, such showcases are available in many forms. The glass showcase display cabinet in Canadais easily washable. After prolonged use, a cabinet may require a thorough wash. This can be done very easily. After the cleaning is over, the case is made operational again. Cleaning the inside of the cabinet won’t take long and just anyone can do it with ease.


Strongly built

The showcase cabinets sold by Retail Depot are built strongly. Tough material is being brought to use to make thecases. The material consistsof stainless steel to cover the outer body. Sometimes wood is also used for this reason. The glass that is brought to use is made very tough as the glass is repeatedly tested over and over again. It makes the case very brittle and almost unbreakable. So, they stay safe even when customers put their weight on them while visiting the store.



The dimensions vary according to the need of a retail store. A Glass Showcase Display can also be ordered based on some specific dimensions. Some of the best examples that are available are Best Value Glass Showcases 48"x18"x38", Econo Line Glass Showcases 48"x20"x38", Museum Showcase Cabinets, Aluminum Showcase Cabinets, Square Edge Extra Vision Aluminum Showcases, Frameless Glass Showcase Cabinets, Glass Dome Showcases, Chrome Steel Extra Vision Showcases and so on.


Locked By owners

They are completely safe as the owner of Glass Showcase can keep them locked. Keys are made available with every showcase and so owners can easily keep the case locked. It keeps the items kept inside it safe. So, no one can pullout the items without the permission of the shop owner. Retailers can have complete control in their daily operations. So, every retailer prefers a showcase with a locking system. The reason is they want to have the keys and a fully safe work environment. Showcase Locks and Showcase Plunger Lock are used in locking the glass of the cases.


Color ranges

Showcases are available in several color ranges. The glass part cannot be colored. But, the other portion made of wood, steel, and fiberis kept colored. The color can range from black, steel white, red, orange and other colors that the customer may choose to have. So, in this way, color is incorporated in the cases to make them look amazing. It is also possible to have color combinations if need be.


Tall and flat structures

TheGlass Showcase Cabinets developed are of many shapes and forms. They can be tall slim structures, flat rectangular shaped, oval shaped, square shaped and so on.Their use adds convenience and makes a store’s operation seamless. There is nothing better than getting them installed in retailshops as daily display needs are met and the store’s operation becomes smooth.



When an online order is received, customers are notified about the exact freight cost. On receiving final approval from the customer, the ordered showcase is shipped to the desired destination. Lowest quotes are asked to all points in Canada. So, a customer can easily place an order and get the case delivered to the shop. Retailers benefit a lot on installation of such showcases.


Replacement policy

The Glass Cabinets fall under the replacement policy of the company. An item that is shipped is replaced if returned by the buyer. Returns can be made on grounds like a manufacturing defect, does not fit in space of retail store, requirement of a different shape. Every time an item is ordered, it falls under the shipping terms.


Glass Cabinets are an absolute must for any retail store. They add to the look of the store, ease daily operations, and help customers buy products of the store much easily. The profit earning of the store also goes higher on scale as the business keeps flourishing. They are used over a long period of time with regular cleaning. The store’s manager finds it easy to manage operations as glass cabinets are safe and well protected.Ordering them is easy as distributor centers are spread in many places.Orders when placed find response immediately.Manual installation is possible.No extra labor is required. Store owners can depend on staff to move the cabinet as the glass showcases also come wheeled.