Wood Display Fixtures

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Different Forms of Wood Display Fixtures Used in Retail Stores

Wood display fixtures are made of Oak and Maple and are made available in a great number of finishes. Wood fixtures are wall systems, freestanding floor displays, clothing racks, and gondolas. It gives the store a rich warm look and feel. Items like apparel, garments, groceries, and other inventory can be kept on display. Store owners can have their inventory lined up with the help of the wood displays. These fixtures are shelved and hooked. That is why items are placed on them in different styles.


Wood store display fixtures become a great point of purchase after installation in retail stores. Shops normally feel good about having the displays installed inside stores. They attract a lot of audience and people visiting the shop walk around the displays to see everything that is kept on them. It makes the displays highly attractive. Also, the wooden displays are built intricately with a lot of craftsmanship put into it. It makes them really good looking and they add to the overall look of a store.


Custom Wood Display Fixtures

These are normally high-end vertical fixtures with special laminates. They look very enigmatic with impressive colors. The specialty laminates are used to give the fixtures a new and fresh look. The custom paint and stain color are unique about this fixture. They are amazing for any store and so can be ordered. Douglass Fir, cedar, bamboo are brought to use to have the marvelous pieces crafted.


Perimeter Shelving

This is specially designed for wall display. The select shelving is used to keep items shelved marvelously while they are displayed. Interestingly, perimeter shelves are lined up in innovative ways on wallssuch as A line shelving, S line shelving, W line shelving, book wall shelving, new wall series, new lock wall system and many more ways.They add a lot of attractiveness to items that are kept into display. These shelves are supported with Hemlocks and pin supports.


Floor Wooden Fixtures

Wood floor store display fixtures are wooden structures designed to meet a number of retail display needs. These wooden displays either have a flat base or are wheeled. They support shelves placed in the structure that is raised. The shelves are quite a fewon every structure where items are placed for display. Any type of inventory can be placed on the racks. They can be books, ties, apparel,cosmetics,Natural products, decorative items and so on. With us, you can able to buy wood floor store display fixtures in Canada at competitive prices with no compromise on product quality.


Wooden Slatwalland Accessories

The Slatwall is also made of wooden material that can be used to display the inventory of retail shops. Slatwall displays are of several designs and serveright for all kinds of displays. The Slatwall display is highly rated for any shop irrespective of the typeof inventory kept into display. So, it is largely in use in stores across Canada.  


Tables and other Pedestals

It is very unique to find retail shops and stores having tables and pedestals for the display of items of the store. The pedestals can be used to keep inventory showcased irrespective of what a store has in possession. All kinds of items are safely placed on the wooden pedestals that remain open for customers to see whoever visits the shop. It helps in building reputation of the store as inventory laid out are the ones that people buy. It is a huge plus to have the wooden pedestals placed at different locations inside a store.


Three Tier Display Shelves

Wooden shelves are mostly three tier shelves that can be small or big in size. These items are used for the display of commodities that a store is in possession of. Three tier shelves are also seen in Gondola displays. It is here that items are arranged for people to see. Inventory can be placed in a creative way to make them look attractive. Retail Depot is offering Wooden 3 Tier Display Shelving and Slatwall Gondola Display Merchandisers. These are round, rectangular, square, and oval. Retail owners can buy them online.



Wood floor store display fixtures are available in several dimensions depending on the need of a store. Store owners can pre-order a fixture based on the requirement of the shop. The dimensions can be Top - 18" x 52" – Middle - 34" x 60" – Bottom - 42" x 60". This can vary and altered based on requirement of the business. An establishment makes good use of wood displays for carrying on with everyday business.A business does well as sales increase after installation of wooden displays.


Point of Sale

Wooden display fixtures definitely become points of display for items of the store. Shop owners no longer have to deal with customers individually. People visiting the shop naturally move around to find interesting inventory kept on display. It is only then that a product catches attention and finds a sale. Store owners benefit in this way as the entire process of earning becomes smooth. They don’t have to put much effort for sale to take place.Stores benefit from doing everyday business and in the long run, stay profitable.


Cash wells and Wraps

Wooden fixtures are also great to use as cash wells and wraps. These are innovative structures built for the purpose of receiving payments from customers. People after they finish surfing a store come to the cash well to close the visit. Here they pay bills for items that they buy. These wraps are very conveniently built structures with shelves, cupboards, locks, desk, and chair space.


Besides, wood store display fixtures are available in a number of shades and colors. They are properly burnished that gives them their own unique color. The shades leave a mesmerizing look on fixtures. It makes items feel great when they are installed for a retail business. And the unique craftsmanship and design incorporated in the fixtures make them look very appealing. The wooden fixtures are an absolute must for store owners operating their retail anywhere in Canada. Stores install the wooden displays as they are of superior quality and are manufactured by reputed brands. The manufacturing process is error-free and leaves no defects in production.