Store Shelving

Retail store perimeter wall bracket shelving used as visual merchandising for product display system in wood melamine, tempered glass, steel metal wire, acrylic, or plastic bullnose with slatwall, slatgrid, gridwall or universal standards. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Retail Store Display Shelving System

Varied Forms of Store Shelving Systems Built for Retail Shops

The retail store display shelving is used to put inventory of a store in perfect order. Retailers now know exactly how to arrange their items for sale in the stores. The display shelving has eased the way items are arranged and displayed to customers who visit the shops. The shelving systems are innovative with 2 tiers, 3 tiers and 4 tiers made available.


The shelved system does marvelously well in getting inventory display norms properly flaunted. Their presence makes items appear well in stores. People coming to a storedo find the implanted fixtures great for they are the proponent of inventory that the store is in possession of. There is no better way to showcase the products of a store as the fixtures are marvelous shelves to make things happen.


Retail Store Shelving Systems are made in number of patterns. The shelving helps shops to function innovatively.Severaldisplay systems are available in various forms and shapes. These structures when installed in stores help them in many ways. They ease store operation, fit in every shop, add to convenience, help organize inventory, allow maintaining a catalog of items, and offer many other options.


Steel and wood

Steel and wood are brought into use in the making of the shelves. The structures once created can be wall mounted with racks on them. The racks are made in a way to support sufficient weight.That is the reason whyinventory of any size can be placed on them. It exposes the itemstocustomers visiting the shops. The racks become a never failing asset to help in the growth of the business. The store benefits a lot from the racks as business prosperwith surge in sales of commodities. As sales rise, so the business grows and entrepreneurs survive in everyday competition.Shelving functions in a great way to help retail businesses survive and grow in business.The fixturesgowell in retail environments as they match well with the interiors of retail shops.


Gondola Shelving Units

Gondola shelving units are impressive and feature a sturdy metal pegboard back. They usually come in traditional almond finish or may be available as sleek matte finish. The starter Gondolas, double sided aisle Gondolas, wall Gondolas are in stock and make a store look immaculate. It is for gaining superior look that shops prefer to have the Gondolas in their stores. The Gondolas may have three shelves or more. The shelves are spacious and allow placing of items in style. The Gondolas also come with other accessories that include gondola accessories, Peg hooks and shelves. Endless merchandising is possible with the gondola stands kept in place in shops. The shelves, peg hooks, face-outs and wire baskets make perfect display of items possible.


Melamine Laminate Displays

The shelves are coated with Melamine that gives the shelves an amazing look and feel. The fixtures are also given impressive colors followed by the melamine coats. It leaves them shiny and the shelves sparkle. The material used is best and allows stores to gain in look. It works well and serves a business right in every possible way. The display items look stunning when placed on the shelves for display.


Gridwall Shelving

Retail store display shelving in Canada has various dimensions to it. Gridwall shelving is another kind that allows items to be placed on grids. Gridwall can be straight, slanted, and video shelving. The Gridwall shelving is flexible and can be placed at any desired angle. Their size also varies as 24’’ or 48’’.It is necessary to have them placed in stores as they help in displaying items safely on a grid.


Slatwall Shelving Display

To have items showcased properly in stores, Slatwall shelving may serve a lot. It allows items to be placed against a wall. Slatwall displays stay fixed on walls of showrooms. That is why inventory, when placed onthem, stays right in front of visitors coming to the retail shop to make purchases.


Wire shelving

The wire shelving systems are wire made flat shelves. These can be different storeyed where items may be placed with ease. Trousers, shirts, and sweaters, when placed well folded on them, look very attractive. So, the sale of apparel goes up. The wire shelves are made of steel frames with support posts. Every part is fixed with other parts with the help of rubber tip levelers. Some wire shelving systems also have wheels to move them around.


Wall fixtures

To have items immaculately displayed in stores, these retail wall display shelving systems in Canadacome into the picture. There are various types of shelves available for shop owners to get their items interestingly exhibited in stores. Shelves are created in varied forms and styles. Bullnose, shelving brackets, tempered glass are some examples of wall mounts. These items are mounted on walls with the help of hooks and brackets. These support systems make the shelves very strong. So, now they can be used to help items properly displayed on the wall of stores. People visiting a retail shop become fascinated to see the inventory kept in style on the shelves mounted on the walls. That is what makes them so very interesting,especially in retail environments.


Color Combination

The retail display shelvingoffered by Retail Depot is available in several color shades. They are available in the combination ofwhite and blue, white and red, silver, black, wooden color and so on. The glass slabs of-course come transparent. Their colors leave an amazing feel and inventory when placed on them attract the attention of people who visit the stores.


Online Order

Orders can be made for many types of shelvessimultaneously by visiting our website. The price of the items is kept reasonable. It won’t take much time to get the installation done once the parcels are received. Manual installation is possible. Expert help may become necessary in case of wall mounts. In case of shelves that come with stands and roll on wheels, manual installation is possible. Some shelves also have a flat base.Their installation is easy and they can be moved around.


The retail store display shelvingis designed by professional designers to make items placed on them look graceful. There are a countless number of ways in which the shelves are made by designers. It gives a warm look and feel to stores where the fixtures are mounted.