Slatwall Fixtures

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Why it is so Amazing to have Slatwall Display Fixtures in Retail Stores

Slatwall also known as slotwall are display fixtures on walls of shops. These fixtures consist of panels usually 4 ft to 8 ft where horizontal grooves are configured. After the completion ofthe installation, all sorts of merchandising accessories can be accommodated on the slatwall display fixtures. The slatwall fixture systems are developed in various shapes and sizes. That is why depending on a store’s need a fixture is installed by shop owners.


Such fixtures are available in a number of colors that are black, white and silver. There are endless qualities of slatwall fixtures available for store owners to buy and install in their shops. It is necessary to buy them as they provide endless possibilities for a shop to create its unique display.


Customers are mesmerized

People coming to visit shops find the inventory display on slatwall fixtures awesome. They really add joy to the senses as people feel delighted to see things marvelously kept on display in the stores.Shops of all genres can make use of the amazing fixtures to keep their items on them for sale. Items can be kept in any desired position and that adds to the look and feel of the showroom. Customers coming to the shop feel mesmerized to see all inventory displayed on the walls of the shop.


The slatwall offers a beautiful appearance, a reasonable shape, and innovative structures. A Wide range of fixtures is available to be fixed on walls.They look very attractive and the overall feel of the shop gets highlighted. They make available an unmatched range of impressive shelving systems that can be used to display all kinds of inventory of the store.


Variety of Slatwall fixtures

There are a number of types of slatwall fixtures available. These can be single slot systems, double slot systems, pole systems, and center concepts.The systems available are also adjustable that allows maximum space utilization possible. They look gorgeous for their wooden, glass, wire and metal shelve finish. The shelves are easy to install on any wall type. They can be fixed on corners of walls as well. Elegant look and aesthetic appeal of the interiors of a store is possible when the fixtures are installed in the store.


Pencil Polish Glass used

The glass used in slatwall fixtures is pencil polished that make it more attractive and safe to use. Smoothness of the plates is ensured and it makes the glass in use heavily reliable. Pencil polish adds extra sophistication to the glass that isbrought to use. Hence, after installation, the glass gives a very shiny and smooth look.


Easily Installed

It is easy to install the slatwall display fixtures with the help of some hooks.It does not take much time to install the fixtures as just any craftsmen can be brought to fix it. It is also possible to install the fixtures manually. After installation, the maintenance of the fixtures is easy. The maintenance part can be taken care of with easy bushing whenever possible. In-fact, the fixtures require low maintenance and that is another feature that makes it so very brilliant.


Extensive Range of Slatwall Available with us

The retail depot is in the business of making an extensive range of slatwall available to shop owners. There are extensive varieties of aluminium and glass Slatwall available with us. Customers can opt for retail slatwall display fixtures for sale in Canada. It is going to solve their business related needs and will definitely end all problems related to showcasing products of a retail shop in an innovative way.The items look great due to their smooth finish, amazing sparkle and smooth outline. It adds to the overall look once they are installed in stores.


Many Slatwall Shapes Allow Different Items Display

It is possible to display all types of inventory on the slatwall display fixtures. The items can be mobile accessories, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, groceries,medicines and so on. A variety of slatwall shapes are available for shop keepers. So, it is possible to buy from the huge range and get them installed in a shop of any genre. Their dimensions are made innovatively keeping in mind the needs of a store. The slatwalls are available in forms such as ball waterfall, hook waterfalls, rectangular slatwall, rotating display merchandiser, slatwall face outs, hangrails and so on.



The slatwall displays are affordable and shop owners can buy them without any difficulty. It is possible to get the installation done with the aid of hooks. Orders can be placed for a number of slatwall kits simultaneously. Once the order is made the items are delivered to the customers without any difficulty. It takes very little time for the delivery to take place.


Manufacturing Standard

All manufacturing standards are taken care of and the slatwalls are made to pass through very rigorous processes sothat they become tough. All manufacturing defects get highlighted due to thesound manufacturing process and attention to detail. They are repeatedly tested during the manufacturing process. The fixtures produced are made to pass through very tight manufacturing stages. It puts an end toall sorts of complaints that may arise with slatwall during the manufacturing of the fixtures.


Points of Sale

Their installation in stores creates a number of sale points inside a shop. Customers coming to the store can roam around to see the items displayed on the wall fixtures. They feel tempted to buy an item that catches their eye. So, an instant sale takes place. In this way, the sale of store keeps rising and a shop makes huge profits in the long run.


Adds to the Overall Professional Look

Slatwalls can be installed in any position. It can be on the top of a wall, in the middle or at the bottom. A store can have them in any corner and at any position. So, it definitely adds to the look of the store. Their placing in different positions makes a store very impressive.It shows up when you get to walk inside the shop and monitor items placed on the slatwall fixtures.