3 Tiered Wood Display Table

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Innovative 3 Tier Wood Display Table to Fulfill all Display Needs of Business Houses

The three tier wood display table has a number of benefits for the shop owner. Here, items can be kept for display with ease. There is no reason for any backfires as only three racks means fewer items and no jumbling up of commodities. Things are packed and placed innovatively inside the racks making themlookveryappealing.


The 3 tier display table is also used for clothing display purposes and so it is also referred to as the 3 tier clothing display table. Apparel of all kinds is placed here for suitability of people to buy them when they pay visits to a shop. Shop owners make great use of the display as they mark an ever resplendent way of showcasing items for display.


Melamine Laminated Finish

The 3 tier display table are Melamine laminated that give them an absolutely gorgeous finish. They have a purelaminated finish that makes the fixtures shine. The wood show pedestals normally have a flat base with three subsequent tiers onits top. It very well compliments the design needs of such pedestals.  The design and overall look of the pedestal attract visitors who come to the store.


Plenty of Space

Plenty of space is available with 3 tier wood display table. Stores that make use of this table can easily keep items for display on them. The reason is they are rotating shelveswith iron frames. The display table gains an industrial look with the amazing combination of metal and wood in the tier. The shapes are also rectangular, square,and others depending on the design ofthe display that is crafted.It makes the showpieces really worthy to be placed in shops for business purposes.


Perfect Floor Display Table

The three tier perfect floor display table is used to display store items for people to see them whenever they get to visit a store. There are a number of accessories that can be kept on them for people to see. The space of every rack is large enough to accommodate any type of industrial commodities on them. Placing the commodities on them leverage the extra-ordinary feelingof having them in the store. It gives a sumptuous sense to a retail shop and customers make the most because of their presence.


Innovative 3 Tier Display

The 3 tier displays showcase items in a great number of ways. They are made in varied forms that can be a staircase look, 3 tier pedestal table for flowers, shelf tiers, round cardboards,A framed 3 tier shelving, dummy cake and many more. All these designs are uniquely crafted by designers and they gain a great look. Their presence gives shops an enigmatic look. Inventory, when placed on them, gain a lot of superiority and they really look amazing. It helps businesseswin in their everyday operations. There is nothing better than having them installed in a store as shops gain in significance and brilliance.


3 Tier Clothing Display Table

The 3 tiered clothing display table also carries a three-tier stands built for showing clothing. They are of large number of shapes and sizes. These display stands are made intricately applying various design methods. Their stylish look gives every item a new feather. The items are polished and structured in a way to make them look amazing. Clothes of any genre can be placed on them to be wrapped.


Great Point of Sale

Undoubtedly, 3 tier display tables turnout to become great points of sale for a shop. Customers coming to the shop now do not have to wait for the employees to show them the inventory. They can simply walk around to see amazing items displayed on the three tiers. It puts all samples of the inventory possessed by the store on display. People can choose an item and later ask for a different color from the shop employees. It makes the purchase easy. Customers know exactly what they want. So, if the three tiers have them on display in front then the shopping becomes easy.


Price of the 3 Tier Display

The price of the 3 tier display is kept reasonable. It is really worthy to have them in a store and as the 3 tiers are affordable for all so buying them becomes really easy.Orders are placed in quantities of 1 to 6 or more. The 3 tier displays are nesting tables that adore any inventory that is placed on them. Being three shelved, the shelves work well as they are very spacious. Some of the displays are detachable, foldable, and the rest are a single rigid body.  The displays are either made of complete wood or are a mix of wood and metal.



Irrespective of what is the shape of the 3 tier display – oval, rectangle, square, round, they are made impressively with sound dimensions. An order can be made for the desired dimension. Manufacturers work on it and make the display available to store owners. It is the presence of tempting three tiers that a store gains sumptuous look.


Orders ReceivedAre Shipped

Orders of three tiers received are shipped anywhere in Canada. It allows shop keepers to find the itemsdelivered to them at ease. Installation can be done manually. No expert help is required for installation of the display tables shipped. In case, a defect shows or the customer wants to change the display, then a return is made under the return policy of the company. Retail Depot takes note of every need of the customer and ensures that customer satisfaction is the highest.



The display tables supplied byus are not heavy weight. It allows easy shifting of positions whenever the need be. So, anyone working in a shop can move the display with much ease. It won’t take much time to shift positions. Shifting positions of displays often becomes necessary in stores as a lot of permutation and combination happens in the course of doing business.


The 3 tier wood display table accommodates in any shop and supports business operations impressively. It does extremely well to highlight the inventory of a store and arranges things innovatively. Store-keepers benefit from having the displays installed in the shops. It works marvelously and promotes retail business in every possible way.