Satin Chrome Outrigger Display Fixture System

Retail store fixtures finished in 1" x 2" satin chrome tubing 1/2" slots on 1" centers universal wall standard bracket shelving display fixture rack accessories. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Outriggers are quite popular and come in a variety of forms. These are simple wall standards constructed of a tube with slots that are positioned away from the wall. It's often utilised in 4' increments with 3" hangrail brackets to attach either circular or rectangular-shaped tubing at two heights to hold clothing on hangers. This strategy is most typically utilised in discount or off-price retail establishments that seek to keep plenty of product on hand. It's both economical and practical. One of the alternatives in the Merchandising Collections area can appeal to a more upmarket shop looking for a more distinctive setting.


The Outrigger Retail Wall System available at RETAIL provides a wide range of wall-mounted clothes display solutions, from practical and durable to stylish. All you have to do is select the combination that best matches your store, whether you require hangrail, faceout, or shelf options.


Strong and durable:


Weight is shifted to the floor rather than the wall when employing outriggers. There's no need to be concerned about spillage or overcrowding on any one shelf or hang rod.




Modify the product mix for seasonal sales, featured products, or things on sale to quickly re-merchandise and change the aesthetic of the walls. For the finest view, place clothing items in front of your consumer, on the side for the most goods in a short space, and on shelves for effective space utilisation and visual attractiveness. Your store might have a layout that encourages customers to shop.




Our Outrigger Wall Systems come in a variety of designs, colours, and materials to pick from. Your business may have a distinct style thanks to the outrigger systems' clean, stylish, and beautiful lines. The majority of them feature matching garment racks, providing your store a uniform appearance.


Installation is simple:


Our Outrigger Wall System, unlike hidden wall standards and Slatwall, may be erected with minimal disturbance to your store's operations.


Purchase outrigger systems and wall units with these tips in mind:


Even if you aren't in the market for clothes racks right now, see if there are any matching racks that will work for you in the future. Style, colour, flexibility, and accessory choices are all factors to consider. Even if the total cost is the same, stay clear of custom-made products. It's possible that buying individual components or increasing your capacity to sell various goods in the future will be too pricey. Shop not only for a good deal, but also for a firm that will be there for you in the long run. 


If clothes are a large component of your business, our outrigger system will help you sell more stuff and keep your store tidy and well-stocked.


The ideal Outrigger Wall System solution


A merchandising store with outriggers may reach from floor to ceiling. Faceouts, hangbars, shelves, and graphics are all easily installed and changed. We at RETAIL have ready-to-ship Outrigger Retail Wall System as well as bespoke outriggers that we manufacture to your specifications and colour finish. For further information, please contact us.