Aluminum Showcase Cabinets

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How Aluminum Glass Showcase Cabinets Have Become Trend Changer of Retail Stores

The aluminum glass cabinets are built to allow showcasing of items. They are perfectly structured with an aluminum casing and glass shelves within. The shelves can be three in number or more. The entire aluminum case is covered by a front glass that is opened to store items on shelves. The aluminum cabins are large in size or their dimension may vary depending on the need of a store.


The display case dimensions arelike 20 inches wide, 38 inches high, 48inches long. But, the dimensions vary and depending on the need of shops a certain dimension is assigned. The front is covered by sliding doors that are lockable. The tempered glass shelves used are adjustable and they are either 12 inches wide or 14 inches wide.


Wall Mounted Aluminum Displays

With a flat base, the wall mounts are available to add to extra look of stores. The shelves are given all kinds of design. Some may also have a box at their base and glass shelves above it. The cabinets are movable and placed inside stores anywhere. Inventory can be removed and new ones kept in for display with much ease. Only the glass door has to be opened for replacing items.  It is very simple and requires no effort at all.


Well Lighted

Aluminum glass showcase cabinets are well lighted and so items that are placed inside become shiny and visible. It adds extra glam to inventory that are placed inside cabinets for display reasons. There is no better way to get inventory highlighted than to have the aluminum showcases well litfrom inside.


Slim look

Aluminum glass showcases are slim and exude a magnificent look. These glass cabinets are designed by experts and so they stand to exude charm. No matter, what be their shape, flat or tall, every showcase created has a slim design.The structures are built intelligently to exude a gorgeous look. They may have very thin frames or aluminum sheets are brought to use to make them look perfect. Whatever be their design, the structures look very magnificentin every possible sense.


Wheeled Showcases

Some aluminum showcases are also fitted with wheels. They may be glass revolving or rolling showcases built to havethem placed in any situations. Their superb finish makes them a marvelous possession of any shop that is having them. Items displayed on their shelves naturally attract the attention of people who come to the store to shop.


Range of colors

After having finished with the making of the aluminum cabinets, they are given very innovative colors. The colors can range from anything that a store owner may love to have. The colors can be red, cream, white, black, silver or any other color that the shop may order for. It is great to have them installed in shopsof Canada. Shop owners order from the vast range of colors to havethe aluminum cabinet in their business places.



The cabinets are made to pass through detailed manufacturing process where every part is tested before it is finalized for the next stage. It puts an end to all flaws that may have been there. The glass is also tested and made unbreakable before they are fitted on the aluminum showcases. The shelves are also checked if they fit well on hooks provided in the interiors of the cabinet. Every section is repeatedly tested before they are finalized.


Locking system

Every item has a glass fitting that is locked. The glass doors have keys to keep them locked. Other doors may be sliding type and for the sliding doors too, locks are available. It helps store owners to keep their items safe while they are kept for display. No one can reach out to the items without the prior permission of the owner. So, while you are displaying your inventory to visitors, your items would still be safe.


Tempered Glass used

Tempered glass is brought to use in the making of aluminum showcase cabinets. The glass is subjected to thermal and chemical treatments to make them strong. As they are not like normal glass so the glass remains unbreakable. Users can subject the glass to rough use without bothering about developing scratches or breaks.


Customized Size

Retail depot is making the showcases available in customized sizes. That means any item purchased fits well in all stores. Retail owners can buy the cabinets without worry. It is goingto fit well in any space and shall enhance the overall look of the shop. This item is very luxurious and after its installation a business getup changes significantly.


Available at Affordable Rates

Thealuminum showcases are available in a price range that is affordable for shop owners. It works in a great way to help the retail owners to buy them for their stores. Once brought, the installation is easy and is done manually. Inventory once placed in the cabinet may not be taken out as they are kept safe with locks.It saves a lot of time in daily operation as a shop no longer needs to be set right in the morning after the shop opens. Everything remains set and ready for the operation to begin.


Shipping Done

Shipping is done anywhere in Canada. Depending on the destination, freight charges may be applicable. Shop owners can buy the items by making online payments with credit cards or online money transfers. It is possible to get cabinets delivered to an address with the support of courier services. The process does not take much time to execute. Delivery is made shortly on receiving orders.


Aluminum glass cabinets are made ingeniously and expert hands are brought in to create them. They are given unique design and shapes. This is the reason why they gain in recognition after installation in retail shops. Customers visiting stores love to watch things displayed on the shelves of the cabinets. Then they place orders for items that they like and want to become theirs. The cabinets have completely changed the way sale is made in retail stores. Now, customers just come in to see the inventory displayed and then order the items that the like the most. Businesses benefit in the process and start to earn huge profits.