Square Edge Extra Vision Aluminum Showcases

This exceptional value is an extra vision square edge metal aluminum tempered glass showcase with adjustable shelving, 6" black kick plate with levelers, laminate finished sliding rear doors. All showcases ship case packed ready for assembly. Toll Free 1-866-400-1644

Aluminum Glass Showcase

Aluminum Glass Showcases are a terrific and efficient technique to highlight precious or fragile items on your premises if your company carries them. Aluminum Glass Showcases are available in a variety of forms and sizes at RETAIL DEPOT.ca to fit the needs of every merchant, from little second hand shops to large department stores.


There are also additional kinds of display enclosures available. Other display cases, on the other hand, do not offer the same advantages as glass display cases. The objects may be displayed securely and solely under the supervision of personnel in these Aluminum Glass Display Showcases, which are made of reinforced glass and feature lockable doors. 


At RETAIL DEPOT.ca, one can get a huge variety of Aluminum Glass Display Showcases. They are listed below:

  1. Black Aluminum Museum Tempered Glass Display Black Aluminum Museum Quality Showcase
  2. Slatwall Showcase Display/with Storage 
  3. Slatwall Showcase Display Fixture Cabinet
  4. Anodized Aluminum Glass Showcase Display 19
  5. Silver Aluminum Display Cabinet with Storage 
  6. Black Aluminum Glass Wall Tower Display
  7. Black Aluminum Museum Showcase

It is findable everywhere

Our Aluminum Glass Display Showcase may be found in almost every retail establishment and can house a wide range of things, including perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry, to name a few. In large businesses, retail stores, and particularly jewelry stores, glass display cases are a regular sight. This one-of-a-kind furniture has a lot of one-of-a-kind characteristics. As a result, glass displays have taken over all other display cases. It enhances the appearance of things in shops and makes them easier to represent. Jewelry, accessories, books, cell phones, and a variety of other objects may be displayed. Aluminum Glass Display Showcase are preferred by most shops over other types of retail display cases.

The following are some of the most significant benefits of using glass display cabinets in your retail shop.


They're a fun way to show off fantastic things

These contemporary display cabinets are not only eye-catching, enabling you to create a visually appealing highlight display area in your business, but they also exude elegance and refinement.

You may create themed displays or just pick a selection of your most popular things and turn them into a focus point, whether it's a towered glass unit in the centre of the shop or a glass counter unit to dazzle consumers while they wait to make a purchase.


You can safely and securely showcase expensive items

Theft and damage to items are risks that any retail firm with a physical location must accept on a daily basis. Our Aluminum Glass Display Showcase assists to significantly reduce these concerns while remaining cost-effective.

All of the cabinets are strong and equipped with simple locks that dissuade shoplifters while also protecting costly items, which are only handled by personnel or under close supervision. Aluminum Glass display cases are ideal for precious, delicate, or unusual items, as well as any items that are likely to be stolen.

They can help retailers save money on security and provide peace of mind to both companies and consumers, since they won't have to worry about things being broken by mistake. Cases may be equipped with alarms to give an added degree of protection for individuals dealing with very valuable items, such as jewelers or antiques merchants.


They'll assist you in selling stock (the valuable stuff)

Glass display cases in stores are a fantastic method to advertise your high-priced items. They're great for attracting clients' attention to the item you're attempting to sell without resorting to pushy tactics.

The beauty of transparent casing, on the other hand, is that when buyers gaze closer at the merchandise within, the shelves fade into the backdrop of their view. This enables your stunning items to take center stage (which is just how it should be).

In these circumstances, we recommend presenting your more distinctive goods. Because people are generally attracted to unfamiliar objects, you can utilize glass cases to your advantage and tailor their look to appeal to your target demographic.


They exude sophistication and elegance

If you're running a specialist business, a boutique, or a themed shop, creating an aura of elegance is crucial. These glass cases are the ideal finishing touch for your store's overall appeal.

You have a great mix when you combine this with the correct color scheme, stock, and lighting!


You are going to be organized

It's difficult for you and your workers to keep track of all your inventory, no matter how large your store is.

Glass casings, on the other hand, come in helpful in this situation. This is a simple approach to guarantee that your items are assigned to a certain location.

As a result, it will be obvious whether an item is relocated, sold, or (the worst case scenario) stolen. That manner, with just a look, you should be able to tell what goods you have accessible for your consumers.


They provide a safe place for things to be kept

Shoplifting is unfortunately unavoidable in any store. We're not suggesting that you treat all of your clients like criminals. However, it's always a good idea to take little precautions.

Here's where our aluminum glass display exhibits really shine. The greatest suggestion we can provide you is to put your most expensive items on these shelves.

Because the glass in display cabinets is normally tempered, it is very robust. This makes it far more difficult for theft to occur, particularly when compared to items left on open-air shelves.


They are an invaluable addition

As previously said, when it comes to attracting and maintaining consumers, the ambiance of your shop is really crucial. Small company entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are often cash-strapped.

As a result, year after year of upgrades and revamps is typically not an option. Also it's preferable to choose accessories that are ageless. This is when glass display cases come in handy once again.



A glass display case is your best choice if you're a store looking to add something to your shop floor to make it appear a little more trendy. They not only look amazing, but they also let consumers view all of the lovely items you have in store. It's only natural that if customers can't readily perceive what you have to offer, they won't purchase it.

Give yourself a fighting chance by figuring out how to present your products so that clients may go through them at their leisure. Needless to say, we believe that glass display cases are one of the most cost-effective and straightforward options available!

Seashells, antique clocks, souvenirs from vacations... Whatever you collect or like looking at, display cabinets at RETAIL DEPOT.ca allow you to put your prized possessions on display while keeping them safe from dust and sticky fingers. Check out our aluminum glass display cabinets if you want to add lights to make your collection pop. With our display cabinets, you can show off your collectibles.