Garment covers have a one-time, printing plate set-up charge of $40.00 falling within a 7” x 7” or a 49 square-inch print space. All digital artwork is kept on file for re-orders with no additional charges.

For more information please call toll free 1-866-400-1644

Before sending us your artwork, it is very important to ensure that it is following the specifications that we require. Why all the specifications and requirements? The quality of your printed products is important to us. All of the specifications and requirements are in place to ensure that your product looks top quality and professional. Please look over the following list to be certain that your artwork meets our specifications. If you’re graphic designer will be taking care of the artwork, pass this list to them.

  • All artwork must be camera ready, black and white original artwork to make plates.
  • The artwork must be submitted by email, a disk, or a printed hard copy mailed to us. We will not accept faxed artwork.
  • All files should be submitted as either bitmap files at a minimum of 600 dpi or submitted as vector files (such as EPS).
  • If you are sending us EPS files, the text must be converted to outlines (curves) with the appropriate fonts accompanying them.
  • Only black and white is accepted.
  • Images from the internet are not acceptable. Such images are only 72 dpi and will print extremely pixelated.
  • Only the following file types will be accepted Vector Graph, PDF or Illustrator.
  • For more information please call toll free 1-866-400-1644

                                                                                   Prices are subject to change without notice