The skill of luring the eye is known as visual merchandising. Your customers' visual experience is influenced by the colour, shape, size, texture, and placement of the display fixtures you employ in your shop. Many merchants are using acrylic to create distinctive store interiors and window displays as they sometimes struggle to stand out from competing businesses and nearby rivals. The following are some ways acrylic can enhance your visual merchandising.


Benefits of Acrylic Fixtures:


Highly Versatile


Acrylic is available in sheets, tubes, rods, and film, all of which are moldable. Acrylic that is clear or translucent gives the appearance of glass without the weight or fragility. Almost any customised effect that fits with your decor or offers a sharp contrast to make product items stand out in greater relief may be created by adding colour or texture.


Exceptionally Robust


Unstable retail fixtures are not a wise investment. Acrylic is a demanding customer despite being lightweight. It can resist up to 10 times the impact of conventional materials without splitting or breaking, making it robust enough to support huge loads. Due to these qualities, it works well for open shelf or table-style pieces as well as enclosed acrylic display risers.


Beautiful aesthetic choices


Because it is transparent, acrylic is a great replacement for glass. Did you know that the edges of glass frequently have a green tint? All of the acrylic is transparent. Additionally, acrylic can be stained or colored. It might have a translucent, engraved, opaque, or mirrored finish. Additionally, unique coatings make it glare-, fog-, and scratch-resistant.


In general, acrylic display risers go wonderfully with any type of store décor, from the most straightforward to the most sophisticated and elegant.


Endless flexibility


Acrylic may be moulded. It is available in sheets and tubing, which can be joined or moulded into almost any flat, angular, or rounded shape. Fixtures, containers, and props can be created with shelf, front, or back lighting. They may be small or large, still or moving.


It may be moulded in a variety of ways and is quite customizable. Although there are numerous varieties of ready-made acrylic fixtures available, keep in mind that only custom store fixtures, point of purchase displays, and props can specifically represent your store brand. With the help of acrylic display risers, you can be authentic and make your entire store stand out from the competitors.




Even very thick sheets of acrylic weigh less than materials of a comparable size. The ideal option for mix-and-match display units that you wish to move throughout your store or rearrange to create various sorts of displays, as a result, is this one.


Add clarity


When it comes to visibility and protection, acrylic offers the same advantages as glass, but it is tougher and less expensive. As a result, you'll feel more comfortable using it in places where glass might make you (or your clients) uneasy. And acrylic may be any shape, unlike glass. With curved display cases, racks, countertops, or shelves, you can get creative.


Naturally, acrylic doesn't have to be transparent. It can add bright embellishments to product displays to improve them or turn your store into a swirl of colour.


A Few Visual Merchandising Pointers


Recall that carefully considered visual merchandising:


  • More than just reiterating your name and logo, establishes and strengthens your brand.
  • Helps clients find key departments or sections of your store quickly by drawing attention to featured new or sale products or displays.
  • Encourages greater impulsive buying, which represents an ever-increasing portion of overall sales for many different types of retail establishments.


While you may employ a variety of fixture designs and materials throughout your store, nothing comes close to acrylic display risers for creating an immersive visual experience that enthrals customers and promotes both your brand and your products.