To operate a retail store effectively, it is necessary to implement the concept of visual merchandising. Visual merchandising is all about eye-catchy appearance of retail displays, acting as an initial point of contact between a shopper and the product. Any brand that follows the retail business model use retail displays for highlighting their merchandise. The style and design may vary but the moot point remains the same- an effective display of products. There are endless designs of retail display that a retail store can use but it is hard to beat the benefits of Wall display system for retail.

When talking about merchandise, most of the store owners think about shelves, showcases and racks for showcasing their products. The benefits of using the wall display systems are always overlooked. These display fixtures are space-efficient and make a wonderful addition to a small-sized store. Even a large supermarket can use these fixtures and use the walls for creating an additional display space. Some other benefits of using wall mounted fixtures or systems are:

  • Organized floor Space- It is always not a good idea to utilize your entire floor space for displaying your merchandise. These systems give a leverage to store owners to use the perimeter of the store for displaying their merchandise. In this manner, the sales floor look organized and less cluttered.
  • Flexible Styling- Wall display systems are available in a number of sizes, colors and styles, allowing a store owner to choose the system as per merchandise and store’s décor. These systems are easy to customize further as per store’s requirements.
  • Browser-Friendly- Products displayed on wall are usually positioned an eye-level, thus grab instant attention of customers. Moreover, the products are easy to browse at little higher levels and invite customers to touch and feel and connect with merchandise in a personalized manner.

Now, let’s uncover some of the most popular wall display systems that a store owner can use in his store:

  1. Pegboards: A pegboard display comprises of a perforated hardboard slab. The most common and durable kind of pegboards are made from fiber-board or wood and contain multiple rows of even spacing holes. In these holes, bins and hooks are used for displaying merchandise. It is a highly flexible display systems used for displaying small-sized items along with mainstream merchandise.  It is an inexpensive fixture and easy to reposition with other kinds of display systems. This kind of wall display is popular in different kinds of stores including stationery, confectionery, cellular accessories, grocery stores, etc.
  2. Slatwall: Another idea with retail wall fixture, which creates highly attractive display, is Slatwall. It is a common display used by retailers of around the world. Slatwall comprises horizontal grooves i.e.slats and panels and used for displaying a variety of merchandise. It is a versatile fixture easy to mount on walls and even a good option to use as a free-standing unit. Without using any tools, hooks and shelves easily slotted into slats for displaying small accessories and merchandise. Another reason for the growing popularity of this wall fixture is durability. These fixtures have long life expectancy and easily hold on even heavier merchandise. High storage space, space-efficient and availability in different finishing and shapes make this wall display system suitable for showcasing merchandise like toys, clothing, electronic items, etc.
  3. Gridwall: The third wall fixture comes in the row is gridwall. Many people often feel that gridwall and Slatwall are same, but this is not the fact. The similarity lies in the benefits but it is appearance that clearly acts as a distinguishing factor. This kind of merchandise comprises lattice of wire panels which are easy to attach with hooks and shelves. Gridwalls have basic metal grid design and available in metallic chrome colors like white and black. Some of the main benefits of using gridwalls are affordability, versatility, light in weight, easy to maintain and clean and highly customizable. Apparel stores feel gridwall display systems as must-to-have wall display systems. With the help of bins, baskets and hooks, they give flexibility to display merchandise like hand towels, socks, hankies, etc.

To conclude, it is hard to refer as one wall display system as the best display system since every store has unique requirements. But with today’s high rental prices, store owners are increasingly showing a keen interest in using affordable and durable wall display fixture for making optimum utilization of unused space of a store. In such situations, gridwall, Slatwall and pegboards are the three best wall display systems traders can use.