No matter you are running an apparel store or high-end boutique owner, using different sizes and styles of clothing racks on your sale floor is indispensable for the store’s success. The golden rule of the retail industry is if any merchandise does not look attractive on display, customers are unlikely to buy it. Till the time merchandise is not visible clearly and encourage buyers to view it, no one can purchase it. Moreover, it is not possible to buy retail store display fixtures like racks after every short interval. So, the onus is using attractive styles of clothing racks in a retail store that are sturdy enough to hold large merchandise for an extended period.

Before discussing the benefits of using attractive pieces of retail store garment racks let’s take a look at where they are commonly used. Retail display fixtures like 3 tiered display tables or stalwall display merchandise are commonly found in Bridal Shops, Children’s clothing stores, Department stores, Lingerie shops, Shoe and hosiery stores and Vintage clothing stores. These store owners invest a significant amount of money in display fixtures as they are sure shot of recipe of increased sales without involving a lot of manpower.

Advantages with Retail Store Clothing Racks

  1. Keep Stock in Organized Form: In clothing racks, merchandise is easy to organize in different forms like segregating based on color, size and brand. It is not difficult to guess when stock is organized properly, it creates an inviting experience for customers. There are specialized racks also like designer boutique store clothing racks that allow a boutique owner to display several attires on a rack simultaneously and be creative with displays.
  2. Space-Efficient: The judicious use of space is one of the fundamental principles of retailing. Thus, store owners always demand space-efficient clothing racks in modern styles for displaying different kinds of clothing on one rack neatly. The perfect example is Alta Merchandise Display Rack. It is a sturdy rack with different shelves for placing trousers or leggings of both males and females respectively on one side and displaying new arrivals on the other.  
  3. Mobile Fixtures: Most of the racks are lightweight and have wheels at the base making it comfortable for shop owners to move them from one place to another with ease. Moreover, store owners like changing the layout of the store during the festive season, thus garment racks outfitted with casters allow easy movement anywhere in a store as per display’s requirements.
  4. Save time on Displays: Different kinds of retail store clothing racks are available in the market with different heights, different sizes of shelves and hangers. This eases the task of both store owners and customers. Storeowners can easily hang different kinds of clothes without worrying about folding or creasing whereas customers can easily slide through different hangers quickly. Pipeline rolling or floor clothing racks are perfect examples as they hold merchandise in a “ready-to-wear” format.
  5. Cost- Efficient: The retail store garment racks for sale in Canada are available at the starting price of around $100. Moreover, if a store owner purchases these racks in bulk, he will get a good discount on the total purchase. As clothing racks hold and display different merchandise attractively, investing money in them does make a sensible business decision.

Retail Store Garment Racks for Sale in Canada

Though the sale of garment racks never go down, the most demanded styles of clothing racks are:

  • Straight rack available as single or double rail clothing.
  • Multi-arm racks with 2-way, 4-way and 6-way models.
  • Specialty racks like retail store belt display rack including circular racks for showcasing lightweight items like belt or cap.

While purchasing garment racks, it is always a good idea to purchase staple items along with them like clothing hangers, hanger stands, tags, sign holders, etc., for making any simple-looking rack versatile and attractive.

If you are setting a new store and want Retail Store Clothing Racks in bulk, then go for online shopping. There are many online stores in Canada that exclusively deal in retail store display fixtures and maintain an extensive collection of different styles, colors and heights of clothing racks. Choose the racks that will meet your store purpose, add them in a cart and place an online order to get them home-delivered.