Acrylic Barbell Display Riser

While shopping any shopper will go for those products that catch their eyes first, and then they would go into the details. Also, to motivate a shopper into buying something in addition to what they are looking for, one needs to catch their eyes first. Many would ignore what the salesperson might be explaining, but one that catches their eye is sure that it will end up in their shopping bags. So everything depends upon presentation. You want to increase your sales, then you need to work on your presentation skills. Well, not the power-point presentation. But goods that you can put up on display and exhibit. But it should look good and must seek the attention of the customers without you or your salesperson spelling out something.

A Powerful Tool Technique in Marketing

The best way to display your products is the Acrylic Display Risers. Why these? Because the crystal clear acrylic with their transparent edge and find polishing allows light to pass in. And so beautifully displays your exhibits off to their full glory, one which will pull them to it. Nothing illustrates a product on display when those are put up in such kind of display. You can add more illustration and lightning to this acrylic by adding a little spotlighting to it or maybe bottom lightning, making it glow and sparkle.

Simple Feature to Boost your business

These are so adjustable that you can make considerable changes to such show-offs of your products. Create your idea and add a little bit of imagination either by adding some lights, by putting up the products at a different angle, or raising to a height dimension.

Very simple things. Not like something fancy like the furniture that you get for your shop. But it is their simple feature that will make your product stand out. They are one of the amazing tools for the kind of presentation and showing off your products that will eventually boost your sales. Though simple, they are one of the most powerful business tool techniques.

So what is the hype about Acrylic?

There is no hype. Even though it is one of the most important tools that can help in boosting your business. This component is the most underused product. Most of you won’t be knowing about it. Even though you might have seen any shops, schools, museums, book stores, boutiques, etc., you just did not understand its importance in diverting your mind.  You can use them to multiple levels to put the focus on your products. They often look like different kinds of levels. Though you will find a wide variety of composite materials or wooden ones which are used for display. Though they are great options, if you are going to attract your customer you need to go for something that looks nice and classy. One that is practical and durable, and nothing is better than Acrylic.

A Different Material Altogether

For displaying your products, you can use the wooden ones or also maybe the composite, but since it is made of plastic and is see-through, it could be your best bet. They are made of the clearest materials and are scientifically known as polymethyl methacrylate. For the common people, it is termed as plexiglass or just acrylic. It has been drawing attention since the 1920s. And since it is transparent and clear, it is often mistaken as glass. The transparent and clear appearance diverts the mind of the customer to the product and drives the customer to buy the product on display.

The durability of the product makes it easy to use in all kinds of environments. With only the half weight of the glass, this product can tolerate the impact as much as 17 times. Hence, making it easy to use both indoor and outdoor. As compared to any wood or metal, plexiglass does not rot, dent, bow, or even degrade over some time. It can endure any kind of chemicals and is easy to clean. Just take a cloth, and wipe off the dust. Thus, you don’t need to spend much time in it and can be cleaned any other day.

Effective Ways to Use the Risers For Eye-Catching Showcase

For getting the best of the displays, just at base level put up your product on the display, and they put the risers in a convenient location of your store. This strong, attractive, and durable is sure to catch the eye of your consumers. Some more tips to make your customer look into it are:

  • Best way to organize your store- Yes using this product is a much better way to entice your customers. Let's face the fact that on a wooden one you just put up your product but with this Acrylic, you entice your customer. You drive their attention to it. With a careful display of this product, you are organizing your store in a creative way
  • Everyone has their style to display- Stick to your style. After all, this is your store and it depicts your style. You are advertising your brand image in your unique way. Get the layout of the store set in such a way, that your customers are just naturally drawn to it.
  • Increasing the impact of your style- Just don’t throw in the things for display. You need to work on it. Observe your customer's behavior and seek a spree to understand how the products need to be advertised. Since these risers come in various levels, increase your sales by ensembling various related products.
  • Design the store in a balanced way- Symmetrically arrange them, thus creating more space. It need not be the perfect one. But what you need to do with the display is that it should be balanced, and not some kind of haphazard placing of things. They provide a very professional look to your store.
  • They come in sizes, styles, and designs- An assortment of varied types, you get what you desire for. They come in a variety of forms such as stands, cases, mounts, and things Keep everything organized with the help of these risers. Since they come in various colors (and not just the typical while coloring), it enhances the décor of your shop or boutique. Though the see-through is quite common and one of the most sought-after ones, however even the colored ones too can accentuate your sales. Either way, both styles are a great way to display your goods.
  • They are not distractive- The importance of this display stand is to place your items in an organized way. They enhance the appeal of the story, by drawing the attention of the customer to the displayed items.
  • Risk-free use- Since they are made of plastic they are easy to use and durable. Additionally, you also cut down on the costs, since you don’t need to buy them regularly. However, don’t put them into abrasive surfaces since they can get scratched.
  • Lightweight- Because of the plastic, these risers can be moved from one part of your store to another, without any labor or much effort.
  • So easy to clean them- Just take a cloth and wipe the dust. See so easy to cleans. But remember not to use harmful and abrasive detergent. Because it is because of the cleaning sheens that will keep the displays of the product attractive and bright for longs.

Remember everything depends on how you promote your products. And one of the most important factors to catch the eye of a prospective buyer is to get the right products and display them systematically and properly. This product provides a simple and clean look. These risers are one of the highly versatile choices to put your product up for display.