The first thing to consider when displaying antiquities and costly objects is whether or not you have an appropriate display case. A great display cabinet should match your exhibition, be set at an ergonomic display height, and have sufficient lighting to capture the items on display. Accidents and even purposeful damage to artefacts sometimes happen, therefore using the Museum Display Case to secure them while not limiting the audience's ability to view them is critical.

At the same time, museum display cases must safeguard and maintain the things on display while also allowing visitors to enjoy them. Our glass display cases are perfect for use in art galleries and museums due to their outstanding solidity and security. Each art gallery display case is customized to order in terms of size and style, with LED spotlights, downlights, and a range of additional options available.

Museum display cases keep artefacts and antiques safe while allowing them to be seen

We have a huge range of museum display cases that will look great on any showroom floor. Explore several style possibilities to suit the needs of your next display, to complement art items, or to give historical society a high-end appearance. These fixtures are frequently utilized to highlight a certain artist's work or to present a unified theme. Our museum display cases are appropriate for premium art galleries, and some are manufactured with the acrylic covers. These fixtures are handcrafted with the highest quality materials and are designed to compliment and draw attention to your most valuable things.

Museum display cabinets, as well as glass displays, are available in a variety of wood and brushed stainless steel finishes. Use a variety of style options to vary the display of different items within your exhibit. At any event, each fixture has a specific role, so mix and match to keep guests involved and to guarantee that your pieces get the attention they deserve.

Showcase in a beautiful way

The artwork is shown in a display that is also a work of art. Bulletproof glass, a cutting-edge climate management system, and a specifically built vibration-resistant frame comprise the structure.

Museum Display Cases are necessary for the protection and security of the artefacts in your museum or gallery, whether they are valuable or not.

Because a cabinet, or a group of cabinets, is typically the center of attention in a space, its design and aesthetics are just as important as its usefulness and security. Our ultimate goal is to showcase, preserve, and protect your irreplaceable and sensitive items in an artistically beautiful and unobtrusive manner.

Why should you choose RETAIL's Museum Showcase Cabinets?

Maintaining a properly controlled and stable environment is critical for the long-term preservation of the museum's objects. The key environmental elements that affect their preservation are light, temperature, relative humidity, air pollution, and pests. Complex HVAC systems can be costly, and installing them without compromising the historical integrity of some properties can be difficult.

Our Museum-quality display cases are a terrific alternative since they allow you to present groupings of similar pieces with their own distinct microclimate requirements, reducing the need to condition the remainder of the room's air.

Museum display cabinets have certain qualities

(I) Professional

The objects in our museum display case are non-renewable and historically, artistically, and scientifically significant. It is vital to address the needs of these irreplaceable goods in terms of protection. As a result, the design and construction of museum display cases demand significant knowledge and skills in the protection of a wide range of objects for a wide range of purposes.

(II) Multidisciplinary approach

At RETAIL, the design and construction of Museum Showcase Cabinets is a multi-disciplinary process. For example, a museum display case is part of the museum's interior and hence strongly tied to museology. Material science is also used in the selection of materials for use in museum display cabinets. When it comes to the things that the museum display case is designed to conserve, the study of cultural treasures and the indoor atmosphere are intertwined. Last but not least, museum display cabinets' ergonomics and aesthetics are tightly entwined with the exhibition function.

(III) Engagement

A stunning Museum Display Case attracts visitors. A compelling presentation might lead to new insights and ideas. A well-lit museum exhibit that does not threaten the artefacts' condition is a good method to capture the audience's attention while also establishing a sleek, professional environment that maximizes each object's potential.

What kind of cabinet are you looking for?

Based on the items you wish to display and the space available, RETAIL can design and manufacture an extensive collection of cabinets, cases, and displays tailored to your specific requirements for galleries, exhibitions, museums, and other institutions that care for artefacts and other objects of public importance

The layout of your museum and the exact exhibit will dictate the amount of space accessible to you. We may adjust our designs to match your needs in terms of space-saving features. Our product line includes wall-mounted display systems, countertop cabinets, table showcases, fully integrated cabinet systems, and portable displays.

We can design cabinets with mobility in mind, such as castors and flat-pack solutions, but never sacrificing security. We can provide specific cabinets with mobility in mind, including castors and flat-pack systems, if your institution enjoys being on the move by constructing pop-up exhibits or frequently travels with critical assets.

Is it easy to use and care for our display cases?

Every case we ship comes with a detailed, individualized maintenance guide. Unless otherwise noted, all of our cases and doors come with easy locking and opening mechanisms that can be managed by one person, regardless of case or door size.

Our cases are totally airtight and dustproof to remove the need for internal maintenance. It is not necessary to use specific products to clean the outer surfaces of our cases. Based on the materials and finishes you've chosen, we'll give cleaning recommendations. 

Is it feasible to utilize our cases as part of a pop-up exhibition?

Materials used in Museum Display Cases products are long-lasting and environmentally beneficial. We promise that the cases you buy from us will last a lifetime. As a result, it's vital to make an educated decision when choosing a display case, as it'll be utilized for a number of functions and configurations throughout time.

Our Museum Display Cases are mostly foldable, storable, and transportable. We also offer specialist moving and storage services. Although wall cases are less adaptable than freestanding and table cases, they can still be relocated if your exhibition plans alter.

Choose the best!

For exhibition and preservation, RETAIL offers a complete museum display solution. We work closely with clients from the concept stage through exhibition design and display showcase design, as well as museum showcase manufacture, delivery, on-site installation, and after-sales maintenance, to ensure that the final display solutions perfectly match the original design. RETAIL will always see it as a source of pride and aspiration to help museums preserve and pass on their history and art legacy by supplying high-quality Museum Display Cases or Museum Showcase Cabinets at a reasonable price. We recognize that each exhibit and its surroundings are unique.