Outrigger Retail Wall System

For shop display and storage, this shelving system is ideal. A neat, appealing store has a big impact on customer behaviour and is a great way to build a long-term company through repeat customers. You receive the best value at a wholesale price with our Outrigger Retail Wall System and other retail fixtures and convenience store display racks. This display shelf system enhances the exhibit for clients and maximizes earnings with its white powder coat finish.

How To Market Your Outrigger Retail Wall System

Successful merchants understand that good merchandising goes beyond the sales floor fixtures. Using your wall space effectively can have a significant impact on your sales. Because it is generally the first thing customers perceive when they walk into a store, a smartly merchandised wall can influence their image of your brand.

A wall is a great place to merchandise potential outfit ideas if you aren't using mannequins (and even if you are). This will encourage your customers to shop for a complete look rather than just one item, increasing the average sale. Customers may just be looking for one item, such as a dress, but if they see it displayed with jewellery, a belt, and even a handbag, they may decide they need the entire ensemble.

A low-cost solution

Face outs are a simple way to accomplish this. Face outs available in a number of lengths and are easy to attach to rectangular tubing. To display whole garments, we recommend Moulded Half Round Forms. Moulded half round forms are a low-cost solution to display your products. Because the forms are hollow, they are light and easy to pin or fasten garments to the back. When compared to mannequins, the advantage of hanging forms is that you may merchandise the face out directly next to the available stock on the floor. Create an outfit on the form, then position the outfit components behind it on the face out to make shopping look simple for your customer.

Another advantage of having our Outrigger Retail Wall System is the ease with which shelving can be added. You may pick Laminated Wood Shelving, Plastic Bullnose Shelving, or Glass Shelving, depending on the style and design of your store. Shelf Brackets make it simple to mount shelves to the outrigger. The merchandising possibilities are infinite once shelving is placed. Handbag and jewellery displays are great for displaying accessories, but don't limit yourself to that! Countertop Forms and Mannequin Head Displays provide extra opportunities to cross-sell and showcase product combinations.

The one-stop shop for your Outrigger Retail Wall System

The Outrigger Retail Wall System by RETAIL DEPOT.ca is of exceptional quality. Our Outrigger Displays provide a diverse range of retail display alternatives while conserving valuable floor space. Make use of available wall space while distributing weight to the floor rather than the wall. You can use round hang rails for garment hangers or dimensional hang rails to connect our face outs. Allow RETAIL DEPOT.ca to help you design your store fittings right now! Please contact us to have a member of our store solutions team assist you in choosing the appropriate product for your needs.